Donations from Health Care

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Amount Donor
$1,282,129 Hospitals/Health Systems
$1,071,352 Physicians
$705,998 Dentists
$581,489 Nursing Homes
$406,262 HMO's & Medical Plans
$382,808 Pharmaceuticals
$303,649 Optometrists
$254,956 Medical Supplies
$197,353 Anesthesiologists
$150,775 Ophthalmolgists
$149,815 Pharmacists
$140,141 Health Care Consultants
$132,866 Mental Health
$106,743 Miscellaneous Health Care
$98,226 Home Health Care
$67,516 Nurses
$37,940 Medical Labs/Testing
$37,385 Chiropractor
$37,040 Physical Therapists
$12,615 Teaching Hospitals
$6,753 Adult Homes

METHODOLOGY: VPAP excludes certain receipts in its calculations for top donors. These exclusions are transfers between committees controlled by one candidate and contributions from a committee to itself. For these reasons, the amounts presented on this page may differ from what is displayed on a specific donor's profile page.